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How to Stay Upbeat During a Long Job Search

Posted by | May 13, 2012 | Career Advice

How to Stay Upbeat During a Long Job Search

Disappointment while searching for jobs can prove to be quite depressing, particularly for people who are unemployed. The time spent or taken during a job search may be quite longer than you had conceived in the beginning. Lack of success in job search or finding the right job can also lead to pessimism as you begin questioning your own abilities and skills. The job searching situation takes its toll more than ever when you start asking yourself if you would even obtain a job in your field. No wonder job search can be really and long process and you need to be able to tackle the downward spiral that the process of job searching comes along with. Throughout this long search for job, you need to stay upbeat and be optimistic. How can you manage to be optimistic under such circumstances? Let’s have a look at some of the most strategies that can help pass through this rough phase of career.

Reevaluate Your Job Search Goals

If you have been looking for a job and doing the job search for quite a long time and still have been unable to find one, it is time to reevaluate your job searching goals. To be able to cope with this rough phase of your career, you need to find out the root cause. You need to review your job search goals, searching strategies and search tactics for getting a job. Starting from the resume to job interviews and acquiring jobs, it is a long procedure. Take every single into consideration. Where does the problem actually lie? Is there a problem with your resume? Is it not too professional? Are you getting interviews but not getting offers? Are you not being called for interviews at all? Are you expanding your network and using it too while finding jobs? Is it a case of changing careers? These are some of the basic questions that you need to ask yourself. As you go on reviewing each of these, you would find out the actual reason behind your long job search being unsuccessful.

Set Smaller Goals, Achieve and Keep Them Extending

Sometimes the size of a goal can also become a problem while searching for jobs. Instead of setting a large goal at once, it is always advisable to set smaller goals and keep them achieving one after another. However, you need to extend the job goals or career goals even before you reach them. Setting smaller goals does not make your target any smaller. It only helps you focus on one step at a time. Keep celebrating after each achievement to take your mind off the job search process for a temporary period.

Make Your Job Search Skills Sharper

If the process of finding a job or searching for jobs is taking you longer, it’s about time you fine-tuned and sharpened your job search skills. Trying to find a job and not being successful for a long time also requires improvement in your interviewing skills. Have multiple mock interview sessions with one of your friends and practice until you become quite confident while responding and replying to interview questions.

Get in Touch with a Career Counselor/ Coach/ Guide

To acquire jobs without spending much time in the search process, you can also seek help from a career counselor or a career coach. Let the career counseling professional give you some pointers to help you identify the loopholes of you job hunting process. A professional career coach would be able to tell you the areas where you need to improve your search skills.

Keep Your Professional Network Expanding

Having a professional network and continuing to expand it has a vital role in the job hunting process. Networking is not just a one-time process that you turn to while hunting for jobs. In fact, it is a process that should go on throughout your professional career. Simply asking for job advice from people within your network can help you a lot while doing a job search.

Consider Alternatives to Full-time or Regular Employment

In case the job outlook looks grim, you should be ready to consider suitable alternatives to a full time job. When a full time job is not available in the current situation, you can get employed as a freelancer or a consultant or some other part time jobs in your field. Volunteering can also prove to be a good option for jobseekers to develop professional network, gain some real world experience and identify and identify opportunities to help you through your job searching process. Only to find full time jobs, it is not advisable to remain unemployed for a long time and say no to part-time jobs, freelancing and consultant jobs.


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