Improve your Recruiting Process

Changing the strategies when it comes to recruiting is a major transition. Recruiters seek endlessly the superior quality of hire. Most recruiters use mostly generic job description-based postings that attract a high volume of applicants, and additional time is required to sort out the bad candidates. The expectation is always that maybe a few good people remain at the end.

Most manufacturer will surely be out of business if they base their manufacturing process on this A better recruitment strategy would be to build quality in every step of the process, rather than at the end.

The process in most cases begins with a job posting designed to screen in the highest quality, diverse candidates. And I believe most recruiters knows that just because a candidate possesses the require credentials and skills , does not guarantee the candidate can actually achieve and deliver as expected by employers for superior performance in the job.

To identify the accomplishments the candidate have achieve to merit a “Superior performance rating”

Many recruiters will agree that posting job descriptions on an internet job board, social platforms is not the essence of recruiting as much as this platforms help bring potential candidates.

To improve your Recruiting Process “Market research” is more important than will always assume.

  • To determining what “triggers” top candidates to apply to your positions.
  • To identifying the factors that will influence a candidate to accept a job offer.
  • To merge some traditional talent acquisition with the newest technology.
  • To adopt performance-based recruitment processes
  • To Establish relationship recruiting – By establishing an ongoing relationship with your top candidates, the perfect candidate will be waiting by the phone when a suitable opening is available.  We then seek to associate with these individuals professionally at industry conferences, or in social media, like LinkedIn and other relevant social platforms.

Passive candidates represent up to 70 percent of the qualified applicant pools available. Active applicants, who will search out and apply for anything that “moves,” represent approximately 30% of available candidates.

so simply posting a generic job description ad on a job board doesn’t excite lots of candidates. creating ads that address the candidates’ employee value proposition.

We tend to source all candidates the same way, we often post jobs for a month or more and expect our ideal candidate to be active in the job market, to discover our generic posting, and be motivated to apply for the position. We have little data on how to communicate our “compelling career opportunities” in a way that will draw the interest and participation of the top candidates.



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