How do I find a job using Jobroller ? 

You can search for jobs from the Jobroller home page or in the ‘What’/’Where’ boxes at the top of any page.

To run a search, simply type keywords into the ‘What’ box describing the kind of job you want, and enter a city, state/province or zip/postal code in the ‘Where’ box. Then click the ‘Find Jobs’ button or hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

Take a look at our job search tips for more guidances.

After you’ve run a search, click on any job title to view the job details. This may takes you out of jobroller to the website listing the job.

How do I submit my resume and apply to jobs?

After you’ve run a search, click on a job title to view the original job posting. Application instructions should be available on jobroller or  the website where the job is posted, and may be different for each website.

You can also create a Jobroller Resume, an online resume hosted by Jobroller that can be viewed, edited, shared anytime and anywhere.

How do you rank the search results?

Jobs are ranked solely by relevance or date. We do not accept payment to include jobs in the search engine or to improve their ranking.

How do I see only new jobs?

To only show jobs that have been added to the site since you last visited, click on the Show: new jobs link near the top of any search results.

If you want to change this setting for all your searches go to your preferences and edit it to suit your needs.” Click ‘Save Preferences’ — all new job searches will now return only listings that have been added to jobroller since your last visit.

Why does the search results page say that there are more results than I can see?

We remove duplicate jobs from our search results. To view duplicate jobs, click the “Repeat your search with the omitted job postings included” link at end of your search results.

How do I find jobs closer or farther from where I’m searching?

Change the radius using the “distance” drop-down box near the top of the results page.

If you want to change the radius for all your job searches, open your preferences, select a different radius, and click ‘Save Preferences.’ All new job searches will use the radius you selected.

How do I remove results from a particular company, website, or location?

To remove search results from specific companies and websites you must sign in to your my.indeed account.

After you’ve signed-in, click the “block” link at the end of any job in your search results. You can then choose to block all jobs from that company, from the website the job is posted on, or in that particular location. Your choices will be saved in your preferences. Remove the company/website/location from your blocked jobs list to add those jobs back to your search results.

My search is not returning enough results. What can I do?

  • Check your spelling: Both the ‘What’ and ‘Where’ and make sure the zip/postal code or state/province abbreviation is correct
  • Remove search terms: By default our search results contain jobs with ALL of the words in the ‘What’ box. If you want to find jobs with ANY of the words, use OR between the search terms.
  • Increase your radius: You may need to look farther away to get the results you want.

My job search is returning too many jobs. What can I do?

  • Refine your search: The left column on the search results page contains links to help you narrow down your search. If the left column is not showing, click “Refine your search” at the top the page.
  • Add more terms to the ‘What’ box: include any words that you would like the job title or description to contain
  • Include a location: If you have not specified a location, add a city, state, or zip code to the ‘Where’ box.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to subscribe to a website and have new content delivered to you. In order to use RSS, you need an RSS reader. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other web browsers have RSS readers built-in. There are also online RSS readers like Bloglines or Google Reader, and downloadable programs like NewsNetWire that you can use to view RSS feeds.

What is Salary Estimate?

Only about 20% of the jobs in our search results contain salary information. When a job posting doesn’t include a salary, we estimate it by looking at similar jobs. When salaries are available, they are shown in our search results. Estimated salaries are not endorsed by the companies offering those positions and may vary from actual salaries. This is a new feature so your feedback and comments are appreciated. Searching for jobs in south Africa ? Find jobs in south Africa at Jobroller.co.za, Find latest jobs opening in each segment to boost your career. Find jobs in South Africa today.

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